Saturday, November 13, 2010

ChuDynasty joins "The Indie Games Winter Uprising!!!!"

ChusDynasty has joined forces with some of the best indie developers to execute "THE INDIE GAMES WINTER UPRISING!!!!"

WE ARE SO PUMPED!! Robert Boyd( approached us to join him and we are so grateful because we have been so busy trying to finish the frikin' game that we have had no time to dedicate to marketing (or really anything else, as you can tell by our fairly empty dev-blog right now).

Anyway, we are so grateful for all his hard work pushing the Winter Uprising(and in turn, US!). The launch date is a liiiiitle earlier than we had planned, so right at this very moment, Matt and Pino are in a coding frenzy to get this puppy shined up and ready to go for the launch date, first week in December.


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