Thursday, December 9, 2010

We have passed Review!!!

In under 48 hours, Chu's Dynasty has passed review!!!  While we thought this was ultra awesome, we later found out that if you pass in under 48 hours that Microsoft hold the game for 52.  BUT WHO CARES!!!?!! WE PASSED!!  WE WILL BE SHIPPING IN UNDER 52 HOURS!!!!! WHOAOOOOOOOOO!!


  1. downloading the trial right now. Too bad there is no online multiplayer. I might not buy it simply because of this critical missing feature. I have no one to play with at home. ZP2KX has online multi so its not like its a hard thing to ask for in an indie game. I also hate when a great high score indie game like Decimation X3 releases with no global leaderboards. Come on guys these features are common sense and a necessity!

  2. Played your trial... very nice game! Love that artwork. A fully voiced/animated intro for each character in campaign is pretty impressive to boot, and should give even the gamers with no local friends something to enjoy in the game.

    Quite a fun thing to watch Noah dashin' through everyone, taping into the "Maximum Spider!" side of things...

  3. Poor Tom: I just found this post. Not sure how I missed it. Building online multiplayer into a fighting game would take a full time coder more then a year. Being that we had one "full part time" It wasn't going to happen. But thanks for letting us know that we lack common sense.

    Sab Ca you rock. :)